NCPDP Standards Table Data
Downloadable ECL and Data Dictionary File

NCPDP now offers the ability to download the data from the Data Dictionary and
External Code List (ECL).

Until now, maintaining the values that support the data elements can be a daunting task for IT and claims management personnel, requiring hundreds of hours of work. NCPDP Standards Table Data provides a cost-effective solution for updating values and definitions that support the various Standards. The NCPDP Standards Table Data files are system generated from the same web-enabled NCPDP Data Dictionary and External Code List into machine-parsable raw data that can be imported into existing applications.


Keeping NCPDP Standards Values and Definitions Updated Is Critical

NCPDP Standards create and promote data interchange standards for the pharmacy services sector of the healthcare industry. Quarterly, NCPDP publishes updated Data Dictionary and External Code List (ECL) providing the values and definitions that have been added, changed or deleted for all standards. A payer, pharmacy, EHR/ePrescribing vendor, or manufacturer needs to remain current in their support of the values listed within a release of an External Code List for all the data elements used within their supported transactions.  Failure to update NCPDP Standards’ values and definitions can result in rejected claims and creates errors in the systems requiring extensive research and manual adjustments.

An NCPDP Standards Table Data subscription is available for purchase for each standard to all NCPDP active members. Annual subscriptions are $1,950 for each standard.

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