NCPDP is pleased to provide pharmacy students the opportunity to learn more about the industry standards development process and what NCPDP members do to affect change.

    The Membership and Leadership Development Committee (MLDC) Membership Programs subcommittee is looking for pharmacy students to attend upcoming quarterly Joint Technical Work Group Meetings.

    NCPDP understands the financial challenges students face. Because student participation is valued, NCPDP will waive the registration fee to make it more affordable for them to attend. Students are eligible to participate if they are currently enrolled full-time as a pharmacy student in an accredited undergraduate or master’s program and are not professionally employed.

    Do you have a pharmacy student contact? Do you have connections with anyone who works directly with pharmacy students? If so, please email Vincent Finocchiaro, or call 480.477.1000 Ext. 188. The number of participants is limited, so please contact Vincent today!

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