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  1. WG11 Sub-Task Group Seeks Industry Feedback on Potential Expansion of CancelRx Message

    The CancelRx Sub-Task Group has received a number of questions about the potential for the CancelRx message to be applied at the therapy level in addition to the prescription level.

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  2. RTPB Standard Implementation Recommendations Guide and Examples Document Published

    The RTPB Standard Implementation Recommendations Guide v10 and the Real-Time Prescription Benefit Standard Version BT Examples Guide Version 10 have been published.

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  3. Did You Know? Data Dictionary and ECL Webinar Recording Available

    Do you have questions about how to navigate and use the web-enabled tools for the Data Dictionary and External Code List (ECL)?

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  4. SCRIPT Implementation Recommendations Document Update

    The SCRIPT Implementation Recommendations Document Version 1.52 is published and available to members. The following updates and additional guidance incorporate recommendations from the February work group meeting.

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  5. February 2020 Work Group Meeting Recaps Posted

    The February 2020 Work Group meeting recaps are now available online.

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