1. Voting Ends 3/31: Board of Trustees, Work Group Co-Chairs, Member Awards

    Don’t miss an opportunity to cast your vote for the NCPDP Board of Trustees, Work Group Co-Chairs, the Benjamin D. Ward Distinguished Member Award and the Rising Star Award.

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  2. WG11 Sub-Task Group Seeks Industry Feedback on Potential Expansion of CancelRx Message

    The CancelRx Sub-Task Group has received a number of questions about the potential for the CancelRx message to be applied at the therapy level in addition to the prescription level.

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  3. Apply by 3/31 for NCPDP Emerging Professionals Fellowship

    NCPDP’s Emerging Professionals Fellowship is an exciting professional growth opportunity for one ambitious member to work closely with the NCPDP Strategic Planning Committee (SPC).

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  4. Get Certified - SCRIPT Standard V2017071 Exam is Now ‘Open Book!’

    Test aides for the SCRIPT Standard V2017071 exam are now available for reference when taking the live exam, making it easier for you to prepare for it.

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  5. Emerging Professionals -- Register for the Webinar: Fine Tuning Public Speaking Skills

    Have you ever wondered how some speakers can make public speaking look so natural and comfortable?

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