Test aides for the SCRIPT Standard V2017071 exam are now available for reference when taking the live exam, making it easier for you to prepare for it.

    Now it’s no longer necessary to memorize every detail of the SCRIPT Implementation Recommendations document and V2017071 of the Standard, because both files will be viewable when taking the exam. Test takers must be familiar with the two documents to find the answers to questions in a timely manner (search functionality is not available).

    The exam is 90 minutes in length and focuses on proper implementation of the NCPDP SCRIPT Standard. The exam is open to both members and designated non-members. NCPDP members can designate up to three non-members from their organizations to take the SCRIPT Certification exam.

    You can take the exam online anytime, anywhere! To register for the exam or for additional information, visit our Certification webpage, email Brian Goerlich, or call 480.477.1000 ext. 109.

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