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  1. UPDATED: Version D Editorial Document

    This document provides a consolidated reference point for questions that have been posed based on the review and implementation of the NCPDP Telecommunication Standard Implementation Guide and Data Dictionary for Version D.0. It also addresses editorial changes made to these documents. Since the HIPAA-named Standards documents are "frozen" from changes, this document provides helpful FAQs, typographical changes and corrections, and further guidelines for implementation. Version D Editorial – February 2020

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  2. MC Task Group Seeks Input on Proposed Rulemaking: Importation of Prescription Drugs

    The NCPDP Maintenance and Control Education, Legislation and Regulations Task Group is seeking input and feedback from NCPDP members and non-members to review and comment on the FDA “Importation of Prescription Drugs” document.  The deadline for commenting on the regulation is March 9, 2020.

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  3. NCPDP Posts November Work Group Minutes

    Minutes from the November 2019 Work Group meetings in St. Petersburg, FL are now available on the NCPDP website. Log in to the respective work group page, or all minutes are available on the MC Maintenance and Control page.

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  4. WG2 Task Group Seeks Industry Participation in Creating the Future of Pharmaceutical Drug Listings

    The WG2 Outsourcing Facilities Task Group seeks participation from industry professionals experienced and interested in developing structured product listings and marketing categories.

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  5. Updated Guidance for SPAPs and ADAPs

    NCPDP recently published an updated version of NCPDP Guidance for SPAPs and ADAPs Medicare Part D Coordination of Benefits Requirements and Responsibilities.

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