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The annual membership fee is $825.00 per person, payable by credit card or check in U.S. funds drawn on a U.S. bank. Membership is renewable each year on the anniversary date of your initial membership. NDPDP membership is on an individual basis. However, if your company or organization (your "sponsor") is paying for your membership as part of your employment, and your employment with your sponsor ends, the sponsor may assign the membership to another individual and your membership will terminate. You may continue your individual membership by resubmitting an application and paying the annual membership fee.

Note: Looking to apply for a NCPDP number for your pharmacy? Please go to or call 480.734.2870.

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Individual Membership: $750.00 USD per person

RxReconn subscription: $2,500.00 USD per year


Memberships are nonrefundable, but may be transferred from one individual to another one time in each anniversary year. There is a $100 USD processing fee for the transfer. Whoever pays for the membership owns it. If your company pays for an individual membership for you, the company may transfer the membership to another individual within your company. If you pay for your individual membership, the membership may move with you if you change jobs.

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