White Papers

    • Date Published
    • February 2014

    Electronic Signature Guidance

    NCPDP announces the release of version 1.Ø of this document that provides clarification and guidance to the industry for the use of electronic signatures associated with electronic prescriptions, including validation, authentication, and meeting regulatory requirements. This white paper is intended to assist prescribers, pharmacy and third party auditors in validating the available data transmitted and stored using industry approved datasets.

    • Date Published
    • August 2013

    Challenges and Opportunities for Stakeholders Regarding ePrescribing Technologies and Formulary Compliance

    This paper offers guidance to the pharmacy industry on challenges regarding eprescribing technologies and formulary compliance.

    • Date Published
    • April 2013

    Universal Medication Schedule (UMS)

    This white paper introduces the concept of the Universal Medication Schedule (UMS) and lays out a set of best practices for implementing it using NCPDP’s SCRIPT Standard. UMS simplifies medication administration instructions for the patient and/or caregiver, promoting increased medication adherence and improved patient safety. The SCRIPT Standard supports transmission of the UMS through the use of the Sig segment when an electronic prescription is transmitted from a prescriber to a pharmacy.

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