White Papers

    • Date Published
    • May 2018

    Dates Associated with Pharmaceutical Products

    This white paper provides the pharmaceutical industry with a guide to understanding dates associated with FDA-approved pharmaceutical products entering and leaving the market and how different stakeholders in the drug delivery industry utilize these dates.

    • Date Published
    • October 2017

    NCPDP GS1 DataMatrix White Paper

    This White Paper discusses the issues associated with removal of the GS1 UPC-A and provides recommendations in supporting the requirements for manufacturers to affix or imprint the new product identifier to each package and homogenous case of a product.

    • Date Published
    • July 2017

    The Proper Use of the NCPDP™ Telecommunication Standard Version D.0 as it applies to the Implementation of Medicaid Reimbursement Methodologies Based on Actual Acquisition Cost (AAC) Plus a Professional Dispensing Fee

    This white paper provides Medicaid agencies and fiscal agents guidance in implementing new  acquisition cost based reimbursement rules for covered outpatient drugs. The paper presents  common issues experienced to-date in implementing cost based reimbursement with professional  dispensing fees. It highlights how to best utilize the NCPDP Telecommunication Standard Version D.0 and leverages best practices for various scenarios such as preferred brands for multisource generic situations and the proper use of the Dispense As Written (DAW)/Product Selection Code (408-D8) field values to inform pharmacies of formulary requirements.

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