White Papers

    • Date Published
    • January 2019

    NCPDP Standards-based Facilitator Model for PDMP White Paper

    This latest update (2019) to NCPDP’s PDMP white paper outlines the latest changes in federal activity and industry impact to address the prescription drug abuse crisis. It explains how the new PDMP Reporting Standard and enhancements to the NCPDP SCRIPT Standard V2017071 and the Telecommunication Standard can facilitate standardization; real-time reporting of dispenser and purchaser data; and improve retrieval of PDMP data that will allow providers to make more informed clinical decisions at the point of care.

    • Date Published
    • June 2018

    Billing Guidance for Pharmacists' Professional and Patient Care Services White Paper

    This paper provides the pharmacy sector of the healthcare industry with guidance on the billing of pharmacists' clinical services.

    • Date Published
    • May 2018

    Dates Associated with Pharmaceutical Products

    This white paper provides the pharmaceutical industry with a guide to understanding dates associated with FDA-approved pharmaceutical products entering and leaving the market and how different stakeholders in the drug delivery industry utilize these dates.

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