NCPDP EDvocacy Initiative

EDvocacy is an NCPDP initiative that communicates the value gained from bringing all healthcare industry stakeholders together in our forums to develop sustainable industry solutions to business and patient safety challenges to improve healthcare outcomes.

It is distinguished by a focus on education, sharing knowledge about the complexities of the healthcare system; an understanding of the impact of change on each stakeholder group; the importance of consensus-building, sacrifice and investment to serve the greater good of the industry and, more importantly, for the ultimate benefit of patients; real world solutions that can improve healthcare; and the forum and process to lead and keep pace with evolving industry needs.

It is expressed at all levels of the organization, from staff communication to NCPDP member activities carried out into their respective places of employment and in other professional interactions.

NCPDP’s Industry Relations team, executive staff, Strategic Planning Committee members, and Board members participate in meetings with industry leaders and policymakers to educate and increase awareness of NCPDP, and serve as a knowledgeable and trusted resource. To date, the team’s EDvocacy efforts have provided valuable industry and topic-specific education for leaders to make better informed decisions for their constituencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

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